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Mediation Process Florida Foreclosure

The Mediation Process in a Florida Foreclosure case can be a very valuable tool for the Defendant homeowner. Many Florida homeowners find that when they try to reach the Bank, they don’t get anywhere. Specifically, the homeowner will stay on hold for hours at a time and they ultimately are unable to reach the right department or learn to find that the Bank has lost the homeowners documents they are using in attempting to modify their loan through a Florida Loan Modification.

954 Foreclosure Attorneys, PLLC have found that by setting the Foreclosure case for Mediation or a Conciliation Conference, the homeowner is given the opportunity to meet face to face with a Bank representative wherein all of the homeowners questions about the Florida Loan Modification can be answered.  It may also bring the Foreclosure case to its end as the Mediation Process may result in a successful resolution of the case wherein the homeowner may be given a Florida Loan Modification.  954 Foreclosure Attorneys, PLLC has found that homeowners really prefer the Mediation Process because if they are trying to keep their property, they will be given the specific information regarding the documents needed by the Bank to determine whether the homeowner will qualify for a Florida Loan Modification.

If you are a Florida homeowner in Foreclosure and are attempting to keep your property or need a Foreclosure Defense Attorney, contact 954 Foreclosure Attorneys today at (954) 237-7740 to learn about the benefits of the Mediation Process and a Conciliation Conference. Visit us on the web @ and on youtube.

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