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How to keep your Home when you are in Foreclosure

For most Americans, owning their own home will be their biggest achievement.  On the other hand, losing it to the Bank can be their greatest disappointment.  Once a Homeowner is in Foreclosure, they need to be proactive to avoid losing their property going to Sale.   However, without legal direction, they risk this result.  While there are no guarantees that you will keep your home, you should make every effort to protect your investment.  Therefore, to learn how to keep your home when you are in Foreclosure in Florida, contact 954 Foreclosure Attorneys at (954) 237-7740.

How to Keep your Home when you are in Foreclosure 

1. Determine if you can afford to make payments

When Homeowners are served, their immediate reaction is that they want to keep their property.  Cleary, they deserve the opportunity to get another shot at paying their mortgage.  However, this is not always the best decision.  In other words, they can spend a great deal of time trying to obtain a Loan Modification.  This will require them or their Attorney to contact the Bank several times a week providing them their Financials.  Unfortunately, you often get the run around claiming they never received them.   At the same time, your case will move quickly in Court.  As a result, you may lose your right to sell your property through a short sale or regular purchase.

Our office understands the importance of keeping your property.  We also understand that it can have an adverse effect due to the small window of time that a Foreclosure can move through the system.  Therefore, Homeowners need to make an educated decision regarding their Finances and their ability to continue making payments.

2.  Hire an Experienced Foreclosure Defense Lawyer

The first step will be reinforced by a Foreclosure Defense Lawyer that has experience with the Process and Modifications.  They will be able to review your financials to guide your decision.  In addition, they will the Court Proceedings to allow you time to try and obtain a modification.  Attempting to keep your property is not always beneficial.  A Foreclosure Defense Lawyer will make sure that in the event a modification is not a viable option, other avenues including a Short Sale or Deed in Lieu are explored.

The right to keep your Home when you are in Foreclosure is not absolute.  However, a Homeowner should make sure that before they pursue home saving options, they receive the best legal advice possible.  If you are in Foreclosure in Florida and want to keep your property, contact 954 Foreclosure Attorneys, PLLC at (954) 237-7740.

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