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Florida Final Judgment of Foreclosure

For a Bank to be able to put a Foreclosure Defendant’s property up for auction at a Florida Foreclosure Sale, the Bank must first obtain a Florida Final Judgment of Foreclosure against the Defendant. What is the Florida Final Judgment of Foreclosure? A Florida Final Judgment of Foreclosure is a document issued by the Court stating that the Defendant homeowner owes the Bank a certain amount of money.  The Florida Final Judgment of Foreclosure will show different amounts due such as attorney fees, principal amount owed, interest, and or any fees or costs accrued during the Florida Foreclosure process.

Unfortunately, during the Florida Foreclosure process, a Florida Final Judgment of Foreclosure is the final stage before your property is set to be auctioned off at a Florida Foreclosure Sale.  It is very important that if you’re trying to obtain a Loan Modification or sell your property through a Short Sale, you hire a competent Foreclosure Defense Attorney that will try to prevent your case from reaching this point.  If you are a Florida homeowner and have a hearing set on the Bank’s Motion for Summary Final Judgment,  your case is set for a Florida Foreclosure Trial or have had a Florida Final Judgment of Foreclosure entered against you, contact 954 Foreclosure Attorneys today at (954) 237-7740 to learn about your options.

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