Florida Foreclosure Basics

Florida Foreclosure Basics

Florida Foreclosure Basics  If you’re having trouble paying your mortgage, there are a few options available to you. Let’s break down the Florida Foreclosure Basics in everyday language:…

How to Keep Your Home When You Are In Foreclosure

For most Americans, owning their own home will be their biggest achievement.  On the other hand, losing it to the Bank can be their greatest disappointment.  Once a…

6 Mortgage Foreclosure Workout Options

6 Mortgage Foreclosure Workout Options

If you are behind on your payments, you’re not alone.  However, losing your home may not be your only option. As we say in all of our articles,…

Margate FL Foreclosure Defense Attorneys

Margate Foreclosure Defense Lawyer Can Help You

The Florida Foreclosure Process can be your Worst Nightmare.  Not only does it take a toll on your family, but it can result in you losing your Home….

Florida Foreclosure Defense Attorneys

7 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Florida Foreclosure Defense Attorney

There are over 100,000 Attorneys in Florida.  While that is a high number, only a few practice Foreclosure Defense.   Therefore,  you should always ask specific questions to…

How can a Florida Homeowner Avoid losing their home to Foreclosure

How Can A Florida Homeowner Avoid Losing Their Home To Foreclosure?

The 21st Century has been interesting for Florida Homeowners. We have seen the rise and fall of Real Estate over and over again. Unfortunately, we may be entering…

Foreclosure Defense Lawyers

Homeowner’s Options When An Order Setting Non-Jury Foreclosure Trial And Pretrial Procedures Is Received

What To Expect At A Foreclosure Non-Jury Trial Towards the later stages of a Foreclosure the Court will furnish an Order setting the case for a Non-Jury Trial. …

Can't Pay Your Mortgage Due to COVID-19? Here's What to Do

I’m Sick With The Coronavirus And Cant’ Pay My Mortgage | 954.237.7740

Can’t Pay Your Mortgage Because Of COVID-19? Here’s What To Do Are you sick with the Coronavirus and cannot make your monthly mortgage payments? You’re not alone. Due…

Florida Foreclosure Process

If you’re in Foreclosure in the State of Florida, it is very important to know the Florida Foreclosure Process basics. This will give you a better understanding of…

How Do I Save My Property From A Foreclosure Sale

Saving Your Property From A Foreclosure Sale

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