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Margate Foreclosure Defense Lawyer Can Help You

Margate FL Foreclosure Defense Attorneys
Margate FL Foreclosure Defense Attorneys

The Florida Foreclosure Process can be your Worst Nightmare.  Not only does it take a toll on your family, but it can result in you losing your Home. However, there is a bright side.  With the Assistance of an experienced Margate Florida Foreclosure Defense Lawyer, you may be able to save your Home and Avoid Foreclosure.

How Can A Margate Foreclosure Defense Lawyer Help You Avoid Foreclosure?

Once your Margate Foreclosure Defense Lawyer enters their appearance in your case, the Bank recognizes that they will be unable to move the case quickly.  This is due to the skills and experience of the Attorney.  While a they can defend your case, they also provide options to avoid the Process.

A Margate Foreclosure Defense Lawyer Can Help You Avoid Foreclosure
A Margate Foreclosure Defense Lawyer Can Help You Avoid Foreclosure

Services Provided By Your Margate Foreclosure Defense Lawyer

1.     Loan Modification

It may become impossible to continue making payments.  A Margate Foreclosure Defense Lawyer can assist them in attempting to qualify for a Loan Modification.   By qualifying, you may receive lower payments, a reduced interest rate, principal balance reduction, and the Dismissal of the Foreclosure. While there are no guarantees, we always stress to our clients that if they are interested in trying to keep their home, make every effort to apply for a Loan Modification.

2.      Short Sale

If you do not have equity, a Short Sale may be in your best interest.   This occurs when you sell your home for less than what you owe to the Bank.  If they receive an offer, they submit it to the Bank.   If they agree with the terms, the Short Sale is approved.   As a result, they will agree to waive the difference owed.

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3.      Deed in Lieu

Another option is a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure.  This allows the Homeowner to transfer their interest to the Bank in exchange for a release of liability. Sometimes they will provide a sum of money to assist them.  Like a Short Sale, the Bank will waive the difference. While this process can be easier for a Homeowner, it is not always approved.

A Homeowner in Foreclosure will likely have more success when they have legal counsel.  Therefore, contact your Margate Florida Foreclosure Defense Lawyer at 954.237.7740 to learn about your options.

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