Foreclosure Mediation can benefit Florida Homeowners

A Broward County Foreclosure Lawyer’s goal is to help Homeowners make the best decision. What does that mean?  If their intention is to keep the property, the Lawyer should guide them to try and achieve that objective.   Accordingly, Mediation can facilitate their chances of receiving a Modification.  Therefore, if you are in Foreclosure and want to keep your property, contact 954 Foreclosure Attorneys, PLLC at (954) 237-7740.

Foreclosure Mediation Benefits Florida Homeowners

In most cases, a Homeowner can file a Motion for Mediation with the Court.  If it is granted, they must coordinate a time with the Bank to mediate.  At the mediation, they speak directly with the Bank Representative.  Unlike other mediations, it is not contentious.  On the contrary, there is very little negotiation.  If an answer regarding the modification is not made, they will be given an idea when an answer will occur.

While not every case settles, the Bank may delay it if an approval is imminent.  In other words, they may contact their Attorney to not take action.  For example, if an approval is close, they may file a Motion requesting that the case is placed on hold.  In addition, if there is a Sale and the parties come to a settlement,  the case will be dismissed.  If it is not settled, they may file a Motion to Cancel Sale requesting that the it be rescheduled.

When a Homeowner first meets with the Foreclosure Defense Lawyer, they should discuss if mediation is an option. As discussed, Foreclosure Mediation Benefits Florida Homeowners. If you have questions about the process, contact 954 Foreclosure Attorneys, PLLC at (954) 237-7740.

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