Homeowner’s Option when they Receive an Order Setting Non-Jury Foreclosure Trial and Pretrial Procedures

Florida Foreclosure Trial
Florida Foreclosure Trial

Towards the later stages of a Foreclosure action against the Florida Homeowner, the Court will likely send out an Order setting Non-Jury Florida Foreclosure Trial and Pretrial Procedures. What does this mean?  When the Court sends out this Order, it means that the case is ready (“at issue”) for trial and a set timeline and deadlines for any remaining issues that the parties to the Foreclosure action need to address.

A Homeowner still has the opportunity to fight their case.  At the trial, the Homeowner can bring all witnesses and exhibits to defend their case if they feel that the Bank has not proven their case.   Although a non-jury trial has been set by the Court, the Homeowner still has the right to and attempt to obtain a loan modification or sell their property although a regular sale or a short sale.   A Florida Foreclosure Trial is usually set several months in advance.  Therefore, a Homeowner still has plenty of time to explore their options regarding saving their property or selling their property.

If you are a Homeowner in the State of Florida that has received a notice of a Florida Foreclosure Trial and need guidance exploring your next course of action, contact the experienced Foreclosure Defense Attorneys at 954 Foreclosure Attorneys, PLLC today at (954) 237-7740. We have Foreclosure Defense offices in both Broward and Palm Beach Counties in order to better serve our Foreclosure Defense clients.

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