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Motion for Summary Final Judgment Foreclosure Florida

In a Florida Foreclosure case, the Banks have the option of filing a Motion for Summary Judgment pursuant to Florida Rule of Civil Procedure 1.510 and have a hearing on that Motion for Summary Final Judgment if they believe that there are no issues of law or fact that need to be further resolved in the Foreclosure action against the Florida homeowner.  If the Bank is successful with winning on the Motion for Summary Final Judgment, they will obtain a Final Judgment of Foreclosure against the Florida homeowner and a Foreclosure Sale date will be set by the Court.    This will also allow the Bank to forego the need for a Florida Foreclosure Trial.  The Banks use this method to save time and it gives the opportunity to end the Foreclosure case and sell the Florida homeowner’s property.

An experienced foreclosure defense attorney will file the proper paperwork in Court in an attempt to prevent the Motion for Summary Final Judgment from being granted.

If you are a Florida homeowner and have received a Motion for Summary Final Judgment that was filed by the Bank, contact 954 Foreclosure Attorneys, PLLC at 954-237-7740.   Our firm is equipped with Broward Foreclosure Defense Attorneys and Palm Beach Foreclosure Defense Attorneys that have defended hundreds of cases and can provide the Florida homeowner the representation that they need in an attempt to save their home.  Visit us on the web @ and on youtube.

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