What Do You Do When You’re Served With A Florida Foreclosure Complaint?

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What Do You Do When You’re Served With A Florida Foreclosure Complaint? Don’t panic!

Upon being served with a Foreclosure Complaint in the State of Florida, a homeowner should be aware that they have twenty (20) days to respond to the complaint.   Failure to respond within twenty (20) days will allow the Bank to file a Motion for Default and you will ultimately lose your opportunity to respond.

If a homeowner does respond to the Complaint, they can either file a Motion to Dismiss if applicable or an Answer with Affirmative Defenses. By filing a Motion to Dismiss, the Bank must be able to defeat your Motion before they can proceed with their Foreclosure case.   A Motion to Dismiss strictly deals with the attacking the four corners of the Foreclosure Complaint, so it is important that the homeowner only state in their Motion, information pertaining to the Bank’s allegations in the Foreclosure Complaint.  If a homeowner chooses to file an Answer, they must state whether they admit or deny the Bank’s allegations in the Foreclosure Complaint.

If you are a homeowner in South Florida and have been served with a Florida Foreclosure Complaint, contact your aggressive and experienced foreclosure defense attorneys 954 Foreclosure Attorneys, PLLC today at (954) 237-7740.  We are here twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to answer all of your Florida foreclosure questions.  To better accommodate our foreclosure defense clients, we have offices in both Broward and Palm Beach County, Florida.

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