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Short Sales Attorneys
Short Sales Attorneys

What Is A Short Sale?

During the Florida Foreclosure process, the Florida homeowner may have the option of selling their property at a discounted price in order to stop the Bank from continuing to Florida Foreclosure against them. This is called a Florida Short Sale. The Florida Short Sale is a great option for the Florida homeowner.  Although the Florida homeowner will not make a profit on a Florida Short Sale, if approved, the homeowner is provided with the option to walk away from their property without any further debt from the home.

The Foreclosure Defense Attorneys at 954 Foreclosure Attorneys, PLLC highly recommend this option to the Florida homeowner if the legal defenses are weak or a Florida Loan Modification is not feasible. Specifically, if the Florida Short Sale is successful and  the Florida homeowner is able to waive any deficiency, its really a win win situation for the Florida homeowner.  Thereafter, the Bank will be required to dismiss the Florida Foreclosure case against the Florida homeowner.   If you are a Florida homeowner and are interested in selling your property through a Florida Short Sale, contact 954 Foreclosure Attorneys at (954) 237-7740. We have Foreclosure Defense offices in both Broward County and Palm Beach County in order to better serve our Foreclosure Defense clients.

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