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HOA Lien Foreclosure vs. Bank Foreclosure

HOA Lien Foreclosure vs. Bank Foreclosure? Both have the aim of foreclosing on a property and selling it at a sale.   The main difference is the duration of time it takes to foreclose.   In addition, a Homeowner has less defenses in an HOA Lien Foreclosure. Most of the time, they are foreclosing on a Lien for failing to pay dues or assessment.   The average time can be around six (6) months.   There are also less hurdles that they have to overcome to obtain a Final Judgment of Lien Foreclosure.

How is a Bank Foreclosure Different?

There are more parties as well as extensive documentation that has to be provided.   The average time it takes is 9 months to over a year.   However, they typically have more defenses and options such as a loan modification, short sale, or a deed in lieu. As a result, the Foreclosure will be delayed.

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