Does a Loan Modification Prevent Foreclosure?

Loan Modification
Loan Modification

A Broward homeowner or Palm Beach homeowner can attempt a Loan Modification at any stage of the Foreclosure process. However, Does a Loan Modification Prevent Foreclosure?  Until a Loan Modification is finalized, a Bank is able to proceed with their Foreclosure against you.  The best time to try and obtain a Loan Modification is in the initial stages of a foreclosure.   This will give the homeowner more time to send all their documents to the Bank without worrying if the Bank is going to get a Final Judgment of Foreclosure against you.   If there is a Final judgment of Foreclosure and a Foreclosure Sale date has been set, many times a Judge will cancel the Foreclosure Sale to allow the homeowner to keep working with the Bank to try and obtain a Loan Modification.  While a Loan Modification does not prevent a Bank from Foreclosing against you, it does provide you a great opportunity to extend the Foreclosure and resolve your Foreclosure matter.

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